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Online workshop



 Basic photography

"Life is a picture"

Have you always wanted to learn...

- How to take sharp photos in low light?

- How to get the best out of your phone camera?

- How do you finally get your camera from automatic mode?

- What makes a photo good?

- What are the basic rules to immediately make a photo interesting?

- How do you keep consistency in style/edit?

- How can you make a big difference with small adjustments?

Jennifer Adriëne

Mijn ervaring met fotografie


Inmiddels al ruim 6 jaar professioneel trouw- en newbornfotograaf. In deze jaren heb ik veel gefotografeerd. In zeer bijzondere en soms moeilijke omstandigheden. (weinig licht, beweeglijke kinderen etc.)

 Door deze ervaring kan ik nu mijn kennis en tips met jullie delen betreft het binnen fotograferen.

Het maakt niet uit of je  graag jouw kinderen, interieur, huisdieren of eten fotografeert. De basis is voor iedereen hetzelfde!

What do you get?

a five-day online workshop including:

- Weekly, for 5 weeks, a handout with both theory and assignments as well as tips on 5 different subjects focused on the basics of photography.

- access to a private instagram/facebook account where extra tips are given but there is also room to share work and spar with other participants.

- a peek behind the scenes as a professional photographer.

- Knowledge to take better photos forever!

What parts does the course consist of?

Part 1:

All about light:

natural, art, north/south, backlight, morning and evening light.

Advantages and disadvantages of these forms of light. How to work with..

In short, everything about light!

Part 2:

From automatic mode:

Adjusting your camera, when is a photo good? under and overexposure and basic tips and techniques.

Part 3:

Continuing with the basics:

manual shooting,

What equipment you can shoot what.

Playing with shutter speed and aperture.

Part 4:

To process:

Work with presets, apps, on the computer, storage and creating albums.

Which programs do I use and why?

Part 5:

Phone camera

Options on your phone.

basic rules, which apps you can use for what, functions separate from the camera and why I take 90% of my private photos with my phone. 

Sign up before October 10, 2020 and receive an early bird discount and pay only €45,-*  instead of €55,- *
*excl. BTW      bad5cf58d

Yes I want to take the course!

Then quickly answer the questions below and sign up for the course on the next page!












Important to know:

- The course can be followed entirely in your own time. On your own pace.

- The course will start on November 2 , on November 30 you will receive the last part.

- Of course you can also start the course later. Every Monday you will receive a new handout for 5 weeks.

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